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Bougie Birch Introduces Eco-Friendly Seed Plantable Boxes in Wholesale Partnership Program

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Bougie Birch is proud to announce the launch of its Seed Plantable Boxes as part of its Wholesale Partnership Program. These innovative boxes offer an eco-friendly packaging solution that aligns with its commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate sustainability.

The Seed Plantable Boxes are designed to fit smaller items and promise a vibrant array of wildflowers when planted under a thin layer of soil. Made from seed paper embedded with non-GMO seeds, these boxes symbolize regeneration and growth. With each box, Bougie Birch invites customers to join in the sustainability journey, reducing waste while fostering beauty and biodiversity.

"As advocates for eco-consciousness, we are excited to introduce our Seed Plantable Boxes as part of our wholesale retail partnership program," said Ashley Clark, the Founder of Bougie Birch. "These boxes serve as packaging and a tangible expression of our commitment to environmental sustainability. By planting the seed paper, customers can watch their gift packaging transform into wildflowers, leaving no waste behind."

Perfect for a variety of products, including keychains, sterling silver earrings, and beadwork, these seed paper boxes from Bougie Birch's Wholesale Partnership Program are a powerful way to make a positive impact on the environment.

Learn more about becoming a Wholesale Partner with Bougie Birch and explore the possibilities of eco-friendly packaging here.