The Sustainable Dream

A Collaboration Between MINI TIPI and Bougie Birch

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In a special collaboration bridging Indigenous artistry and sustainable practices, MINI TIPI, an Indigenous and Quebecois-owned business specializing in authentic home and family accessories, joined forces with Bougie Birch, an Indigenous-led social enterprise, to create a beautiful work of art.

Titled 'The Sustainable Dream,' this commissioned dreamcatcher is a testament to the shared values, spirit, and aspirations of MINI TIPI and Bougie Birch. Designed, developed, and handcrafted by Bougie Birch Founder Ashley Clark, it is an extraordinary piece of art that celebrates creativity, culture, and sustainability.

At its core, MINI TIPI is committed to Indigenous authenticity and environmental stewardship. With a focus on partnerships towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, MINI TIPI saw this collaboration with Bougie Birch as an opportunity to merge art and advocacy, creating a beautiful representation of their company ethos.

"The Sustainable Dream" is a visual story intricately woven with layers of symbolism and meaning. At the heart of the dreamcatcher lies a full moon, representing the feminine strength embodied by MINI TIPI's co-founders, Trisha Pitura and Mélanie Bernard. Within the moon, a small tipi symbolizes home, family, love, and passion—core values of the MINI TIPI culture and community.

Ashley incorporated Bougie Birch's signature maroon beads to symbolize vitality, infusing the piece with energy and vibrancy. Porcupine quills and bone beads, natural and traditional materials, were integrated into the design to convey sustainability and the beauty of nature. The quills, representing protection, reflect MINI TIPI's role in preserving culture and the environment.

The dreamcatcher also features clay beads arranged in a "galaxy" style pattern—a nod to the humility in our place in the universe while encouraging aspirations to reach for the stars. Tipi-shaped bone beads symbolize adaptability and new directions, echoing MINI TIPI's innovative approach to business and design.

The work is meticulously wrapped and ribboned with recycled MINI TIPI textiles. Each strand of fabric tells a story of resilience and renewal as remnants from previous creations find new life in this collaborative artwork. As the recycled textiles intertwine with the intricate design of the dreamcatcher, they represent the interconnectedness of Indigenous heritage and environmental stewardship, weaving together past, present, and future in a harmonious tapestry of sustainability.

For MINI TIPI, this collaboration with Bougie Birch represents more than just a commissioned artwork—it reflects their dedication to Indigenous heritage, sustainability, and community partnership. Through 'The Sustainable Dream,' MINI TIPI and Bougie Birch invite viewers to embrace the beauty of Indigenous artistry while championing environmental stewardship and cultural preservation.

As this dreamcatcher takes its place in the MINI TIPI headquarters, it serves as a powerful reminder of the potential for collaboration to create positive change, one symbol, one partnership, at a time.