• Fostering Dialogue

    Bougie Birch is an Indigenous-led social enterprise committed to advancing reconciliation through corporate gifts, commissions, wholesale opportunities, workshops, speaking engagements and consulting services for Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations.

  • About Ashley Clark

    Ashley Katonhetsheriio Clark is the Wahta Mohawk Founder of Bougie Birch. With a BA (Honours) in Political Science, specializing in International Relations and Indigenous Studies, Ashley brings over a decade of experience in business, human resource management, and customer service. As an advocate for inclusive organizations and reconciliation, Ashley's journey of resilience and healing through Indigenous arts underpin Bougie Birch.


    Ashley is dedicated to fostering empathy, understanding, and personal and organizational growth, creating safe spaces for dialogue and sharing. Her welcoming and supportive educational approach empowers teams and organizations to learn, share, and inquire about Indigenous history in Canada and the lived experiences of Indigenous peoples. She deconstructs and reconstructs understandings to promote inclusivity and foster more equitable outcomes.


    As an artist, Ashley also specializes in beadwork, dreamcatchers, medicine bags, smudge feathers, and working with sacred medicines. Her work, art, commissions and collaborations have traversed Canada to spark dialogue and advance reconciliation.

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    Bougie Birch Emblem

    The Bougie Birch Emblem serves as a visual testament to our mission and values, reminding us of the importance of unity, respect, and shared knowledge on the path toward reconciliation and a brighter future for all.


    The eagle feather is at its center, a sacred symbol representing strength, wisdom, and spiritual connection. It signifies our deep respect for Indigenous traditions and knowledge and our commitment to preserving and sharing these essential teachings.

    Surrounding the eagle feather is a circle representing the interconnectedness of all life, bridging past, present, and future. The circle also imparts the wisdom of the medicine wheel, representing the holistic balance and harmony of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional growth and unity as cultures come together.

    The colour burgundy symbolizes strength, courage, and vitality. It speaks to the resilience and enduring spirit of Indigenous communities throughout history.

    Bougie Birch, as a platform for reconciliation, education, authenticity, and accessibility, embodies the coming together of worlds. Our Emblem signifies our commitment to fostering understanding, bridging gaps, and promoting genuine connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.