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Introducing the Bougie Birch Youth DIY Dreamcatcher Kit

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Bougie Birch is pleased to announce the release of the Bougie Birch Youth DIY Dreamcatcher Kit, a comprehensive educational tool designed to engage youth in Indigenous teachings and culture. This initiative reflects Bougie Birch's commitment to fostering cultural awareness and empowerment among young individuals.

The Bougie Birch Youth DIY Dreamcatcher Kit is thoughtfully curated to encapsulate Indigenous wisdom and heritage. Featuring essential materials such as sinew, suede, feathers, and beads in various colours, the kit also includes wooden rings adorned with the Seven Grandfather Teachings—an integral aspect of Indigenous philosophy promoting virtues like Love, Wisdom, Respect, Humility, Truth, Courage, and Honesty.

In a collaborative effort, Bougie Birch partnered with Indigenous youth entrepreneur Phoenix Menes King from Kitigan Zibi First Nation, discovered through Oonaki FabLab, to create the wooden rings. Phoenix utilizes advanced technologies like laser cutting and digital milling to imbue each ring with precision and cultural significance.

Additionally, Bougie Birch collaborated with esteemed Inuit entrepreneur and artist Dennis Nakoolak from Iqaluit to infuse resin beads with the sacred medicines—Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, and Tobacco—enhancing the spiritual essence of each dreamcatcher and providing an avenue for sharing Indigenous traditions.

The Bougie Birch Youth DIY Dreamcatcher Kit is a teaching aid on Dreamcatchers, The Four Directions, The Medicine Wheel, The Sacred Medicines, and The Seven Grandfather Teachings. These modules provide youth with accessible and engaging opportunities to explore Indigenous culture and values.

Beyond individual use, Bougie Birch also facilitates learning in various settings such as classrooms, community events, and celebratory occasions. By integrating Indigenous teachings into education and activities, Bougie Birch aims to make understanding, respect, and reconciliation more accessible.

Recognizing the importance of cultural preservation and cross-cultural education, Bougie Birch emphasizes the significance of Indigenous youth reclaiming their heritage while promoting awareness among non-Indigenous youth. The Bougie Birch Youth DIY Dreamcatcher Kit represents a meaningful step towards achieving these objectives, empowering youth to connect with Indigenous culture and share their experiences authentically.

As Bougie Birch introduces this transformative educational tool, we invite individuals and organizations aligned with our mission to collaborate and support our efforts in distributing these kits to youth nationwide.

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