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    How to Weave your Youth Dreamcatcher Kit

    Follow these instructions as a guide.

    Follow your imagination for creative guidance.


    Materials Needed:

    - DIY Kit

    - Scissors


    1. Tie one end of your sinew around the first hole and tie a knot. Look at the charts on the left and string your sinew through the holes in the order listed.


    The red lines show the current step and the black lines are the steps you’ve already done.


    2. Once you’ve weaved the yarn through the last hole tie the end in a knot around the plate.


    3. Cut your suede into pieces of different lengths for the fringe & feathers decoration. Attach them to your dreamcatcher to your liking. You will need to add one piece to the top of the hoop so it can be hung. Add beads and feathers to your liking!