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    DIY Dreamcatcher Kit

    Introducing the Bougie Birch DIY Dreamcatcher Kit—an immersive journey into Indigenous culture and craftsmanship. Unleash your creativity with detailed instructions guiding you through the art of dreamcatcher making. Delve into tradition with 16 feathers and beads in black, white, yellow, and red, representing the sacred colours of the medicine wheel. Weave your dreams with suede, sinew and a brass ring while the centrepiece—a special bead encasing sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and tobacco—imbues your creation with the essence of the four sacred medicines. Embrace the spiritual significance of each element as you craft your own sacred talisman, bridging past, present, and future in a symbol of protection and unity.



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    Youth DIY Dreamcatcher Kit

    Introducing the Bougie Birch Youth DIY Dreamcatcher Kit—an exploration of Indigenous teachings and culture. Crafted with a unique wooden ring adorned with the Seven Grandfather Teachings—Love, Wisdom, Respect, Humility, Truth, Courage, and Honesty—this kit embodies the essence of Indigenous wisdom. With sinew, suade, 16 feathers and red, white, black, and yellow beads representing the medicine wheel colours, you'll weave tradition and symbolism into every stitch. The centrepiece—a special bead containing sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and tobacco—infuses the dreamcatcher creation with the sacred medicines. Through detailed instructions, this kit provides Indigenous lessons, values, and teachings, fostering connection and understanding with each completed dreamcatcher.