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    Sacred Sterling Wellness

    The convergence of inner and outer beauty finds exquisite expression. Each product is a testament to the timeless allure of Indigenous traditions and the craftsmanship of skilled artisans. Adorning oneself with these treasures becomes a celebration of authenticity and self-expression—a tangible affirmation of one's inner radiance finding resonance in the world.

    Pow Wow Pitch Online Marketplace

    Shop Bougie Birch along with other sacred brands from across Turtle Island. This platform showcases an array of diverse brands, all proud alumni of the Pow Wow Pitch program. These businesses are not just participants but key contributors to our community's growth and sustainability. Each brand in the Pow Wow Market pledges to donate a percentage of every sale to the Pow Wow Pitch Alumni Fund.

    Shawish Online Marketplace

    Shawish is a virtual Indigenous marketplace that empowers Indigenous entrepreneurs and artists to create their own shops and upload their products. Unlike other marketplaces, Shawish does not charge any transaction or monthly fee, making it affordable and accessible for Indigenous vendors. This sets us apart from other marketplaces, making Shawish the ideal choice for any ally looking to support First Nation communities. Moreover, Shawish verifies every seller, ensuring that customers can trust and support Indigenous people directly while preventing fraudulent Indigenous art. By using Shawish, we are continuing the way of life of our ancestors, as we strive to build a sustainable future for Indigenous people.